Wednesday January 16th 2019
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Risky Online Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

The following is a guest post from graduate student Nikole Brown.

As a vital part of every Web site, copywriting can clearly communicate a sales message to your audience.

Effective copywriting is the gateway to future traffic to your web page, and the reputation of your site can be easily damaged by careless mistakes.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid when copywriting for your site:

Mistake #1: Not checking and double checking your work.

Nobody is perfect when it comes to editing copy, but in the case of online content, which can be hard to change once placed, getting it right the first time can save you a lot of trouble. Watch out for spelling, grammar and syntax errors.

Nothing is more disappointing than reading interesting content and finding an obvious error. Use the tools available through whichever writing program you use. Ensure these little mistakes are caught.

Mistake # 2: Not asking for help.

It’s difficult to generate consistent, relevant and engaging content for a Web site. Your audience will notice if the creativity and usual work is lagging, and this could turn away possibly interested guests.

Take advantage of online services, such as iCopywriter, that specialize in creating web content. The plus of the service is that the copy generated by the company can be edited to your personal specifications.

Mistake # 3: Losing sight of the objective.

The point of the content is to capture the attention of the audience using relevant topics. Using humor and your clever sensibilities are good for gaining attention, however it can also have the adverse effect of attracting an audience just for the entertainment but not for your services.

Try to focus the topic and the humor involved to the interests of the customers who will use your service.

While these tips may seem obvious many sites still continue to make these mistakes consistently. Spare yourself the time you would need to correct these mistakes and get it right the first time around.

Be aware of the content that you are sending into cyberspace.

This content, in the end, could make or break your online reputation.

Image: Nick J Webb

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