Wednesday January 16th 2019
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Writing for Dollars

What’s the So-What? Eight Rules for Writing Killer Press Releases What’s the So-What? »

Advertising Age magazine's "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco declared the press release officially dead [...]

How to Freelance While Working Full Time How to Freelance While »

Most people don't go into journalism or the world of professional writing to make money. Many of my [...]

Five Keys to Landing and Capitalizing On Guest Posts Five Keys to Landing and »

Increased credibility and exposure. Maybe even paper money. That’s what awaits bloggers, freelance [...]

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Tip Sheets

Tip Sheet: Writing Headlines »

Tip Sheet: Writing Headlines

For newspaper reporters, there's no worse feeling than waking up, grabbing the morning edition and seeing a lame, misleading or even erroneous headline [Read More]

Monthly Conversation

Welcome to Monthly Conversation Welcome to Monthly »

We'll give it a better name soon. Each month, WSLL will sit down with a communication [...]

Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Fecund »

Word of the Week: Fecund

It's a perfect springtime word. It's also an awful-sounding one that — at least for me — tends to conjure the opposite of its meaning. Does it really sound complimentary to tell someone they have a fecund imagination? I say leave this one for Walt Whitman and The [Read More]

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